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Kevin Callahan
Chief Architect
Callahan Studios
“As an architect with over 23 years of experience on
church projects of all shapes and sizes all round the world
(including a decade of in-house construction management on over
$220 million) I highly recommend Don Ajamian as a contractor for any
project. This is because Don has an innate sense of pro-active thinking
and good ol’ fashioned common sense that more architects need alongside of
us! The Risen King Community Church project was technically complex and
spanned many years as well as the customary trials and tribulations of building on a
virgin site in Redding, CA.
Throughout it all, Don was always thinking ahead and since we have that in common, it was a
delight to be in lock-step with someone like Don whose combination of personal construction
experience, personal integrity and great personality are a joy (and unfortunately a rarity) in the
messy, variable world of church construction. I would work alongside Don in service to a client in
a heartbeat, anywhere in the world and on any project.”
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