The building of churches and religious
facilities is especially challenging. Unlike
other buildings, religious facilities are not built
primarily as a financial investment, but a spiritual one.
At Don Ajamian Construction, we understand that the funds
used to construct facilities were dropped into countless offering
baskets by countless church members. With this in mind, we make
every effort to effieceintly use the funds that are available to create a
facility that truly facilitates the ministry goals of the church.
Having been in the commercial construction industry since 1990 as well as being
an active church member involved in governing boards, worship ministries and outreach
programs, Don Ajamian is uniquely qualified to manage the construction of religious facilities.
With an acute understanding of the importance of fiscal responsibility, Don's goal is to maximize
the "Ministry Output:Dollar Input" ratio in every church project.
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Religious Facilities
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Risen King Church - New Construction on a 20 Acre Site with 12,000 SF Main Building and 10,000 SF of Modular Classrooms. $4.6M total cost.
The Stirring Church - Existing 21,000 SF bookstore that was completely gutted and improved. Includes a 688 seat main room and a complete commercial Kitchen and Cafe seating area. $1.1M renovation.